Sherzod Abdullaev

Professor Sherzod Abdullaev

Director of the IAIS

Professor Sherzod Abdullaev is the Director of the IAIS and a Professor of International Relations at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED). Previously, Dr. Abdullaev headed the Higher School of Diplomacy at UWED, the Center for International Economic and Political Studies, the Coordination-Analytical Center for Foreign Policy Research at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Abdullaev was also a vicerector of the Academy of Public Administration and advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

In addition, Dr. Abdullaev has significant diplomatic experience. He was the deputy ambassador and minister counselor at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the United States.

Dr. Abdullaev received his doctoral degree in Historical Sciences. His research interests include security and development issues, anthropology
and conflict studies in Central Asia.