Online meeting with CRSS

Online meeting with CRSS


On June 5th, an online meeting took place between the researchers of IAIS Aziza Mukhammedova and Hamza Boltaev and representatives of CRSS (Pakistan) Sameena Imtiyaz and Junaid Khan, during which they discussed collaboration opportunities.

Special attention was given to the research presented by Mr. Boltayev and Mrs. Mukhammedova, focusing on the rights of Afghan women. Their work generated significant interest and served as a starting point for expanding the scope of the research to a regional level.

As a result, the parties reached an agreement to establish a joint program that will allow for a deeper understanding of women's rights in the region and make a positive impact on society.

We are pleased to share this important news and invite all interested parties to stay updated with our latest developments. Stay tuned for the latest updates and get ready for new achievements in research.

CRSS – Centre for Research & Security Studies 

Sameena Imtiyaz - the Head of Programmes at the Centre for Research & Security Studies 

Junaid Yqoob Khan - Director Programs at CRSS and currently leads projects on Pak-Afghan Regional Economic Connectivity, and Afghan Peace Support Mechanism.