Center for International Law

Center for International Law

It is designed to bring together highly qualified young international lawyers, to undertake original research on relevant topics of international law in a rigorous, vibrant, and collaborative environment.


- to assess international legal experience in areas including social justice, criminal law, human rights, energy and environment, trade and investment law, and intellectual property.

- drafting of laws and the designing of their economic and government policies for constructing a sound legal infrastructure, in efforts to further support and promote good and efficient governance and development through the rule of law.


- to examine the existing problems of international law, especially the one which has implications for Uzbekistan and broader Central Asia.

- to analyse the extent to which international legal provisions that have been ratified by Uzbekistan have been implemented effectively and the constraints that exist in their implementation.

- to research the law of international organizations, United Nations law, and law of integration institutions;

- raising awareness on the importance of the international legal dimension to address the challenges of contemporary society and the "globalized" world;

- providing expert training to those working in public institutions, social organizations, entrepreneurship and in the field of law.